Almonds on Almond Tree
Alpine Strawberries
Benjamin Franklin with Bandana
Bird Dog
Christopher Columbus
Glass Cutter Etching Glass
Cornucopia -- Horn of Plenty
Chateau Franc Mayne
Fresh Baked Bread
Declining Dollar
Dom Pérignon
Bike Bridge
Hen with Chicks in Barnyard
Cocker Spaniel and Tabby Cat
Bald Eagle with Ribbon and Shield
Bull Elephant with Tusks
Horse Drawing
Horse Drawing
French Colonial Soldier
Garlic Farm
General Sherman Giant Sequoia Tree
George Washington Puckers Lips
Giant Farmer in the Farming Field
Drawing of Golden Labs
Illustration for UberMonster
Illustration of Gutenburg with Printing Press
Levi Garrett Building
History of Beer
Hops, Barley, Ribbon And Ovals For Beer Design
Botanical Drawing of Houttuynia
Full-Figure Portrait of Jack Daniels
Portrait of Jack Daniels
Ribbon Border and Courthouse for Jack Daniels
Acanthus Leaf Border for Wine Label
Tortoise and the Hare
Deep-Sea Fish
Log Cabin in the Mountains
Matador and Bear—Fighting A Bear Stock Market
Man Walking Tightrope Carrying an Elephant
Medallion for Fort William Henry Museum
Drawing of Michelob Tavern
Wheat Stack for Michelob Light Packaging
Oak Tree Drawing
Screech Owl perched on a branch in Front of a Full Moon
Drawing of Blank Road Brewery
Drawing of Original John Deere Factory
Drawing for a Logo
Screech Owl and Barn Owl
Drawing for The Secret Garden
Coat of Arms for a Wine Label
Coat of Arms for a Wine Label
Drawing of Soybeans
Drawing of a Strawberry
Old-Time Wheat Farmer
Spanish Colonial Soldier
Drawing of a Springer Spanial
Drawing of a Stegosaurus
Drawing of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, T Rex
Wild Turkey Gobbler
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