Airstream Trailer
Farm Girl Milking a Cow
Beer Barrels
Bathing in Money
Battle Of The Bulge Drawing
Laboratory Beaker
Bedroom Items
Beer Brewers Wanted Poster
Beer Stein And Burning Candle
Burning Birthday Candle
Book Marker
Cost Of Books
Boston Skyline With Ribbon
Bottom Line
Braiding Pigtails
Braiding Strips of Cloth
Push Button
Burning Star Candle
Catcher's mitt With Baseball Tickets And Credit Card
Stone Fireplace
Businessman Snake Charmer–Controlling Risk
New York City Skyline
Business Question
City Bus Transportation
Stack Of Clean Laundry
Cleaning Supplies
Coat Of Arms
Coffee Cup and Saucer
Coin Purse
Old Compass
Big And Little Dipper Constellations Seen Above The Earth
Ice Chest with Globe Inside
Country Table Setting
Play Money Design
Dentist Teamwork, Doing An Implant
Detecting Problems, Sherlock Looking For Problems
Diamond Out Of The Rough
Dirty Laundry
Oval And Leaf Design On Dollar Bill
A Drive on a Country Road
Human Ear
Wire-Rim Eye Glasses, Spectacles
Fabergé Egg
Staining Outdoor Wood Furniture
First Submarine
Farm Scene
First Submarine
Fist Full Of Money
Fly Fishing Gear
Footbridge Over A Stream
Football in a Corner Border
Football Icon
Drawing of a Football
Fountain Pen
Giant Pill Capsule
Doctors Moving A Capsule On Hospital Bed
Giant Pill Capsule As A Seesaw
 Giant Pill Capsule Full Of Silver Dollars
Gold Bar
Giant Roll Of Money
Gold And Silver Bars
Golf Club, Tennis Racquet, Baseball Bat
Golf, Golf Club, Golf Ball, And Golf Tee
Hand Writing With Ink Pen
Hartford City Skyline
Eleventh Labor, Hercules
High-Rise Building Icon
Skyscrapers on City Block
Hiker In A Mountain Scene
Holy Bible
Victorian Home
Hour Glass
House with Measuring Tape
North Wind
Food Layout
Lake With Pier
Flying Kite
Liberty Bell
First Electric Light Bulb
Lighthouse In A Shopping Bag
Train Engine, Locomotive
Log Cabin In The Mountains
M1 Garand
Martini Glass
Magnifying Glass
Men's Dress Shoes
Brick House Front Elevation
Money Border
Money Design
Money Border
Money Graphics
Leaf Scroll Money Border
Night-time Winter Farm Scene
Noah's Ark
Journal, Ink Pen, And Inkwell
Gushing Oil Well
Old-Time Brewery Building
Old-World Ship
Old-Time Sailing Ship
Old Sailing Ship
Old-Time Baseball glove
Old Time Winery Building
One-Room School House
Midwest Depression era Shack
Painter's Pallet And Brushes
Country Girl at the Spinning Wheel
Partly Cloudy
Pencil Twisted Into Loop
A Pill Capsule Shaped as an Airplane
Pill Capsule Shaped As Rocket
Single Pill Capsule Medicine
Pillow and Pillowcase
Pillowcase with Green Bean Design and Pillow
Pin Cushion with Pins
Drawing of Money Graphics
Power Boat
Rain Or Rainy Day
Ribbon Border
Rikki-tikki-tavi A Story About A Mongoose And A Cobra
Rope Or Lasso Border
Saint Louis City Skyline
Woodworking, Sanding Furniture
Scales of Justice
Woodworking, Scroll Saw
Home Protection And Security
Shopping Bags and Gift Boxes
Short Cocktail Glass
Shrimp Boat Border
Cutting Cost
Smile And Dental Tool
Baseball Glove, Softball Bat, Baseball Hat And Softball
Map Of Spain
Shattered Speed Limit Sign
Spilled Coffee
Baseball And Football Icons
Stack of Books
Texas Lone Star
Stone Arch
Candy Sucker
Sunglasses Drawing
Woodworking, Wiping With Tack Cloth
Tailor's Tools
Texas Flag
Trekking Map
Tornado On The Farm
Topography Map And Compass For Trekking
Bath Towels
Over Coming Handicaps
Woman Hiking Or Trekking
United States Capital Building
 Drawing Info: Scratchboard illustration of the U.S. capital building, drawn by hand with a woodcut or engraving look. (pen and ink on scratchboard) Original art 5.7 inches wide by 4.1 inches tall.  Reproduction rights are available for United States Capital Building illustration . The fee is based on how the image will be used, and the size and complexity of the original art.    Send a message from my “ Contact ” page to get a quote for usage and more information about this stock illustration  (please include the image title in the message). Or call 636-349-1145.
Wall Clock
Weather Map, Air And Wind Currents Around The World
Weather, Wind And Rain Flowing Over Mountains
Wood Grain Pattern
Wood Grain Pattern
Hops, Barley And Kings Head Carved In Wood
Wood Sign Post
Hand Tools Woodworking
Men's Leather Work Boot
Earth, World, Or Globe
Gift Wrapped Boxes
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